Healthy Life Is A Life Style.

20 September 2013

   Residents of Ukraine grow to understand that pure air and water, exercises, nutrition are the main factors of healthy life style. What is healthy nutrition? Does the body need fats? What fats are more useful: vegetable or animal ones?

We, Ukrainians, have liked to consume both salo (pork fat) and oils for a long time. And it means that the human body needs both vegetable, and animal fats.

- So, a butter or a margarine? Nelya Khomychuk, the Chief Process Manager of TM Maselko will answer to this and many other questions.

The both products are equally useful, one has animal origin, the other one has a vegetable origin - of oil. For example, in Europe they consume more sandwich margarines, consumption per a resident made up 5 kilograms in 2013, and in Ukraine - 0.7 kilogram. Our neighbours in Poland, Czech Republic consume margarines for sandwiches and garnishes as 20 times as Ukrainians. The statistics speaks for itself.

- So, what are margarines?

In essence, margarine is a combination of water and oil and depending on their ratio, we achieve fat content that varies from 25% to 70%. TM Maselko margarine is an extremely useful product. Nutritionist claim that margarine is an ally of health, good both for adults and children. Rich in natural vegetable oils, this product is required for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and for those who are prone to obesity, so, the margarine contributes to intense metabolism, is easily ingested.

- What is a good margarine made of?

In addition to rich in omega-3 fats of rape and lineseed oils, sunflower oil has a great value, it contains lots of polyunsaturated omega-6 fats very good for health.

They are important for blood circulatory system, are able of decreasing pressure and are antioxidants. Specifics of omega-3 and omega-6 lies in the fact that their consumption allows reducing level of blood cholesterol.

TM Maselko margarine has well-defined qualitative properties: high-quality vegetable oil, excellent taste and flavour, absence of cholesterol, low, as compared to animal butter, fat content of the product and caloric value.

- But do many consumers consider margarine an artificial product with a high cholesterol content and buy it far more seldom?

This is because of the old name "margarine" that was practically a baking fat. But that fat wasn't artificial either. Modern light or sandwich margarines represent a tasty, convenient and useful product.

- What is margarine useful for?

TM Maselko margarines are of purely vegetable origin, it means they are cholesterol free.

Margarine stays fresh for a longer time due to its content of natural antioxidants present in a large amount in products of vegetable origin, it costs less and is more easily spread on bread - even if it is right from the fridge.

Content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in it is higher than in butter, but if you really care about your health, remember: usefulness of the margarine directly depends on quality of components it is made of. That is why I recommend consuming Maselko margarine.

 - Why are omega-3 fats important?

Polyunsaturated fatty acids of omega-3 group are essential for the body activity, but the human body itself is unable of synthesizing them. That is why it is so important to consume them with food.

Omega-3 thin the blood, suppress inflammation, improve condition of the cardiovascular system and joints.

Main "suppliers" of  omega-3 fats are sea fish. Unfortunately, it is available not to everyone in Ukraine that is why we should pay attention to inclusion of TM Maselko margarine rich in omega-3.

- Does margarine contain vitamins?

TM Maselko spreads are provided in healthy vitamins A (good for skin, mucosa and sight), D (strengthens the skeleton), E (required for muscles and nerves), sea salt (for prevention of iodine deficiency in the body).  

- Does a dietic margarine assist a weight loss?

Nizhnyi and Buterbrodnyi "light" margarines contain from 25% to 40% of fat.

Nutritionists expressly recommend using "light" margarines to those who is concerned with their body and try to consume less content of calories. "Dietary margarine" is recommended to be included into the nutrition plan of people who suffer from increased pressure and excessive blood fat level.

- May TM Maselko margarine be consumed during Lent?

So, margarine is definitely a product for the Lent diet as it is based on sunflower oil and is free from animal fats. Vegetarians or those who take care of their body will like Maselko spread, as well.

- What is a recommended daily norm of margarine consumption?

Acceptable portion of margarine per day for an adult makes up 20-30 grams.

So, in summary of all the above, we can confidently move towards healthy nutrition culture, and domestic manufacturers such as TM Maselko that care about health of Ukrainians will be glad to help us with it.

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