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31 March 2014

Currently, breadstuffs and confectionery products are not just a cooking artefact, this is a favourable and endless field for experiments. In attempt to go beyond the genre and find a new taste, colour and flavour there, modern confectioners and bakers competing with each other offer ideas that run ahead each other.  Someone bakes alcohol-containing cookies for adults, others make vegetable cakes for vegetarians, and someone charges a small bread roll with healthy substances - for those who is concerned with healthy nutrition. Despite their diversity, insistence on high standards and pickiness of consumers constantly increase, and not only in terms of quality but the range as well. A wide choice of professional sophisticated margarines from TM Loren gives modern manufacturers an opportunity to expand the existing line of products and create a product with new consumer properties.

   Quality directly depends on properties of the major raw materials. A special-purpose margarine is an essential and the most important ingredient in making breadstuffs and confectionery products, therefore it should be picked thoroughly.

   Loren trademark (by Imperiya Zhyriv) is presented with a whole line of professional margarines that meet requirements of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and have their absolute advantages.

Process secrets and new solutions with margarines from TM Loren

   On the basis of laboratory of technology and manufacture development and improvement that serves as a wonderful experimental platform, an effect of professional margarines from TM Loren on quality of the manufacturing process and properties of finished products is constantly analysed.

   It is determined that their use in manufacture allows more effective dough stirring, that leads to lower prime cost of the products.

   In manufacture of yeast-containing dough and short pastry, Molochnyi 82% highly-processable table margarine exhibited high results. Purposely picked fat base and a balanced emulsifying complex contribute to even distribution of all ingredients in the dough, increase of its tolerance to mechanical treatment and ability to hold gas up to formation of porosity, good volume, retaining shape of finished products. This allows to make products with improved consumer properties, with preservation of excellent taste and flavour characteristics after baking.

   Sonyachnyi 72% professional table margarine has a wide range of use and stands out for high degree of aeration as compared to analogues, it is excellently whipped with sugar, requires no melting, and contributes to formation of a wonderful homogeneous porosity, achievement of crispy structure and preservation of high organoleptic qualities in the finished product, Sonyachnyi 72% table margarine displays his wide use not only in making yeast-leavened baked products, shortbread and semi-finished shortcakes, but in making various types of cupcakes. It may be a perfect solution for a manufacturer in terms of price-quality ratio.

   High aerating capacity (whipping) of table margarines Molochnyi 82% and Sonyachnyi 72% adds crispy texture to the short pastry, provides volume increase in finished products, gives homogeneous porous structure to the butter-biscuit dough. The both margarines have an ability to cut costs of formulations. Increase of profitability with their use is the result of reduction of margarine amount, introduction of a larger volume of water into the formulation, and, consequently, increase of flour amount as a cheaper raw material, what gives an additional mass yield. Moreover, margarines enable to reduce introduction of egg products to the formulation, or exclude them entirely. It is especially important for those who make their own baked food, because our products are made only of high-quality vegetable raw materials.  Information about the formulation adjustment will allow maximum preservation of taste and flavours and will not deteriorate organoleptic properties of a finished product due to isolation of moist and other volatile ingredients when baked.

   Currently, manufacturers of puff products with implementation of special-purpose margarines for puff pastry achieve certain advantages. Due to highly-processabillity of margarines, dough has a required hardness, plasticity, finished products have a stable quality: a large number of layers, high rise, well-defined thin layers. When using nonspecial-purpose margarines or butter, one cannot produce puff products with such qualities.

   Loren TM offers its customers Margarine for puff pastry No. 1 80% and Margarine for puff pastry 72% that meet demands of advanced manufacturing processes. These very products give manufacturers an opportunity to make products of various types (yeast-containing, nonyeasted, frozen, with lower caloric value, etc.), develop state-of-the-art products, gain new consumers and increase the production volumes. 

 Professional margarines for puff pastry from TM Loren have required properties of plasticity in a wide range of working formulations and are not absorbed by the dough layers which is determined by their functional characteristics, consistently high quality and persistence of main properties. These margarines are made on the basis of interesterified fats what gives an advantage during storage. They are more stable during storage and, respectively, finished products containing margarines are the steadiest while being stored.

  Properties of the margarine for puff pastry 72% with lower fat content are equal to its high-fat analogue. It may be used both in production of conventional formulations, and for innovative products with lowered fat content what will enable to expand its range with preservation of taste.

 Kondyterskyi Premium Lux 82% special-purpose table margarine enjoys exceptional popularity. Due to a higher degree of whipping, it combines properties of a baking margarine, it may be used for making cupcakes, butter biscuits, high-quality shortbreads, improves the structure, increases volume of finished products, slows down hardening.

Innovation and Development Projects.

   Success of our company is explained by consistently high quality of products, and launch of innovative products, demand for which increases with rapid development of bakery and confectionery fields. That is why another type of lower-fat margarine - Dlya Kremiv 72% table margarine. This is a modern product capable of ensuring bulk production of high-quality cake products that meet all process requirements and increasing taste preferences of a consumer. The new product from TM Loren belongs to the premium segment of margarines and is used for manufacture of confectionery creams, creamy decorations, using sugar syrups, making souffles and cheese masses. 

   Attention shall be drawn, among of a range of TM Loren margarines, to Liquid margarine for industrial processing 40%. This is a unique low-fat product for pan greasing and for baking made on the basis of refined sunflower oil. It contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, rich in natural vitamin E.

Benefits from using this type of margarine for pan greasing:

- Application of one thin layer shall be sufficient for effective separation of the dough from the pan

- Doesn't change taste and flavour of baked products

- It has carbonizing ability (non-burning)

- Perfect for manual, mechanical and automatic application

   This product found its wide application in manufacture of breadstuffs (long loaves, baked rolls, doughnuts, ring-shaped rolls) and is the most effective for making cookies, cupcakes and soft waffles.  It guarantees optimal processability, opportunity to cut costs of formulations while preserving quality of products. Finished products based on liquid margarine maintain their freshness for a long time, no bitterness appears, as it happens in case of using a vegetable oil. It is recommended to be used in dietic nutrition. The margarine gives an opportunity to manufacturers to make products for healthy nutrition.

Pilot facility: potential for growth.

   Gradually, a modern Ukrainian consumer grows unsatisfied with traditional flavours of breadstuffs and confectionery products and wants to see new formulation solutions that would meet its expectations. Demand for development of individual recipes proved itself to be so high and topical that an idea of creating a pilot facility based on Imperiya Zhyriv laboratory was born. Thus, the specialists of the factory have an advantage - this is safety for a manufacturing process, and a unique opportunity to update the existing range of our margarines, conduct functional tests of the products manufactured, optimize process parameters and select new ingredients. Our process managers offer their creative solutions and put into practice ideas of our customers. And this, in its turn, gives an opportunity to create unique margarine products under individual recipes that would meet trends of increasing diversity in the range of our partners.

TM Loren is your reliable partner in achieving success!

  Policy of Imperiya Zhyriv LLC is quite flexible.  We not only sell our products, but we also help our customers in their endeavour to go to another level of development, by creating a unique set of advanced services. Our customers may count upon: developing new types of special-purpose margarines, obtaining process services, developing formulations, testing technologies and manufacturing processes of test samples of professional margarine-based products, check testing of products, adaptation in manufacturing according to the customer's needs.

    This set of advanced services allows our partners to enhance efficiency of their manufacturing process, improve quality of their products and expand their existing range by adding new unique products developed jointly with specialists of Imperiya Zhyriv. We are constantly improving ourselves in order to help partners to achieve success.

Presentation of the Company

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