To Partners


In order to enhance loyalty to TM Mako among the population, the company provides constant advertising support using various marketing tools:

- transit commercial

- advertising at leading radio-stations and TV

- sponsorship

- promotion via the mass media

- POS materials

- subway advertising

- Internet advertising

- promotion via SMM


Policy of Imperiya Zhyriv LLC is quite flexible.  We not only sell our products, but we also help our customers in their endeavour to go to another level of development, by creating a unique set of advanced services. Our customers may count upon:

- development of new types of special-purpose margarines,

- obtaining an advanced service, development of recipes,

- testing technologies and manufacturing test samples of professional margarine-based products,

- check test of products

- adaptation in the manufacturing according to customer's needs.

 This set of advanced services allows our partners to enhance efficiency of their manufacturing process, improve quality of their products and expand their existing range by adding new unique products developed jointly with specialists of Imperiya Zhyriv. We are constantly improving ourselves in order to help partners to achieve success.

Trade marketing measures are undertaken on a regular basis with regard to recommendations of official distributors who are located practically in every region of Ukraine, and availability of our own special-purpose vehicles ensure deliveries to any point of our country.