Welcome The Innovation Among Margarines - table margarine "Ukrainian Extra 82%"

8 September 2016

In line assortment of TM "LOREN" another unique perspective for the confectionery industry product that meets all technological requirements and growing consumer taste preferences appeared.

Table margarine «Ukrainian Extra 82%» is highly specialized plant product. It is recommended for the production of shortcake different species, shortbread semi-finished products, cakes, pastries and other confectionery products, in the production of which the whipping of margarine is used.

This margarine is a mixture of high quality natural, refined, deodorized sunflower oil and vegetable fats in solidified condition. A balanced fatty base and presence in the margarine of specially selected set of emulsifiers provide the following characteristics:

  • margarine improves the rheological properties (elasticity, resilience, stretch) and gas keeping ability of dough and structural characteristics of the finished products (porosity, friability);
  • maximally preserves taste and aromatic indicators of the finished product by isolation of moisture and other volatile components during baking;
  • makes it possible to obtain products with the lack of cholesterol;
  • the maximum opportunity to absorb the air that causes high capacity for aeration (give the opportunity to get light saturated with air mass);
  • optimal crystallization rate (reduces migration of margarine in products);
  • consistency of structural and mechanical properties, helps of a fine-dispersed system creation, of margarine even distribution among other components of dough;
  • margarine absorb more water in weight (+ sugar + water), which allows the increase of flour in the ratio of the mass;
  • provides reduction of recipes by reducing the number of margarine, entering of water to the recipe and the increase of flour as a cheap raw material. The results of comparative baked goods show that the amount of flour can be increased to 20%, water to 10% when dealing with specialized margarine;
  • the ability to retain water and air allow to prevent the tightening of cookies and to reduce the baking time;
  • volume increase, an additional yield by weight of the finished product;
  • manufacturability (doesn't require melting, tempering is enough at room temperature);
  • provides flexibility of dough and limits the formation and swelling of gluten (dough doesn't tighten up for a long time);
  • the presence of the special emulsifier helps to create a fine-dispersed emulsion, slows the process of starch retrogradation;
  • margarine gives to finished products a pleasant aroma of butter and taste of pastries because of the presence of composition of heat-stable food flavors that retain their properties for the entire shelf life of baking;
  • recommended temperature used in whipping 14 ± 2ºС.


With an aim to reduce costs, many companies are trying to transfer to cheaper ingredients that in a period of changing economic situation do not lose their profits. If we talk about a product like shortbread cookies, its quality and consumer properties greatly depend on the fat component which is used in its production. Replacement of universal margarine by specialized vegetable margarine table margarine «Ukrainian Extra 82%»  for shortcake will reduce the cost and also will be the replacement of the product’s characteristics for the better as a rule.

Specialized table margarine «Ukrainian Extra 82%» helps to reduce the dosage of margarine to 20% compared with classic recipes. The replacement of the margarine by water and flour helps to reduce the the cost of ingredients. Also makes it possible to reduce the time of whipping to 5-6 minutes that certainly speeds up the production cycle and provides a higher yield of finished products per unit of time.

Presentation of the Company

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