Career And Vacancies

For a short period, we modernized manufacture according to the world's standards of food industry, provided training to the staff abroad, improved business in general. Besides, we managed to introduce the most successful schemes of foreign companies in marketing, selling and launching new SKUs.

We understand that development dynamics depends on rational disposal of the enterprise's resources by the staff. Therefore, our HR policy is based on creation of favourable conditions for self-realization of every member of our team, facilitation to improvement of a professional level and business management skills.

Imperiya Zhyriv has no intention to be satisfied with what has been achieved. Our plans include launching new SKUs which could become as successful as the previous projects, strengthening brand positions, increasing sales, income and market share.

With all our actions, we try to set an example of a successful Ukrainian food-industry enterprise.

How We Work

Imperiya Zhyriv is a national company operating on the basis of modern business management principles. We manufacture family daily-use food products that simplify cooking process, are good for health, and have high taste properties.

Soft margarines from TM Maselko are well known to Ukrainian consumers. They are among three Ukrainian market leaders and confidently hold the top position in sales in some regions. The brand products received the highest awards at national Ukrainian and international food contests for many times.

Today's success is a result of long years of hard work: selecting suppliers, searching for perfect formulations, developing manufacturing, logistics and managerial process, working on establishment of high-quality distribution and product promotion policy. In this respect, the company was oriented at experience of leading world manufacturers of similar products. Close cooperation with the European Bank for  Reconstruction and Development under TAM (Turn Around Management) program that had started over nine years ago gave the company an opportunity to coordinate its own business based on examples of EU companies' operation.

In order to take part in such project, it required to prove EBRD its perspective, submit information confirming profitable activity during a long time, carry out export, active policy aimed at environmental protection. A separate role may be plaid by such factors as political correctness, equal gender relationships in the company.